About Blue Sheep Media

The name Blue Sheep Media came a result of a conversation between my wife and her sister Gia. Jess was describing how she is unconventional, does not follow social norms, is a little quirky and slightly OCD. Her sister responded, “Jess you are blue sheep…” Gia stated that her husband often refers to her as a Blue Sheep as well. Come to find out, the phrase “ A Blue Sheep” has Scottish origins and refers to someone who is a bit out there, a bit odd, graciously nonconforming, but is authentic to who they are. This description perfectly matches both Jess and Gia. At the time, Jess and I were wrestling with what we should name our publishing company. When Jess hung up the phone, my first comment was, “Why not call our company Blue Sheep Media!” (I totally commandeered Jess and Gia’s idea of starting company named Two Blue Sheep).

We played around with several other names, but we kept getting drawn back to Blue Sheep Media. It perfectly outlines who we are as a company. This whole project started through unorthodox means. It was born out of a great friendship, is totally unconventional, and came completely out of left field. Our vision is to use this company as a launching platform for other Blue Sheep from all over the world to share stories of inspiration, wisdom, creativity, innovation and more. There has not been a single normal attribute in the launching of this incredible venture yet a true Blue Sheep wouldn’t have it any other way.

We are excited to share the amazing works crafted by members of our Blue Sheep community and are constantly on the lookout for new Blue Sheep to join the flock and share their artistry with the world.