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People are abandoning our religious institutions in droves. In the last few decades sixty-five million Americans who once attended a local church, no longer do. About half of those no longer self-identify as Christian, but over thirty-one million still do and are seeking a more relevant faith beyond Sunday-morning Christianity.

What do we make of this exodus and how will it affect the future of the church? Does it portend the end of Western Christianity? Wayne Jacobsen doesn’t think so. Having met with thousands of people around the world who are done with religious institutions, he is more hopeful than ever that this phenomenon might help revitalize the church Jesus is building.

Whether you attend a local church or you’re done with it, how we respond will have repercussions for generations to come. This is our opportunity to embrace God’s work in a wider way than any single institution can contain.

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About the Author

Wayne Jacobsen served as a pastor for twenty years and was also a contributing editor to Leadership Journal. He has authored a number of books that have helped people find a more vibrant walk with God and a more grace-filled church experience. He has written and worked with others on a variety of books including He Loves Me, Finding Church, So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore, A Man Like No Other, and The Shack. You can find his writings at and his podcast at

What readers are saying…

Every book by Wayne has been a refreshing shower that washes away the grime of dead religion, beckoning me into a deeper relationship with my Father and his Son. See for yourself! –Joel, a husband, and father of four. Bailey, NC.

We had the privilege of getting to know the man behind the books and found him unassuming, real, down to earth, and all about Jesus. He lives what he writes. What a concept! – Pamela, an avid reader from the Ozarks.

As a former pastor, Wayne has the ability to give words to what so many of us are thinking and the compassion to walk with us into healing and wholeness. – Kevin Kevin, AI technology specialist, Gainesville, VA

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